5 to 6 years

Pre-School Classroom

At Happy Kidz we understand that your child’s education and care is a priority and that choosing the correct school is a big decision. Our early childhood educational programmes include a sound curriculum together with knowledgeable child care professionals who meet the needs of children at every age and stage of their development.

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Learning By Doing

We adopt different programmes for each section of the school, in accordance with the age and stage of the child. Our toddler class provides many opportunities to learn and explore. Our classrooms are organised into learning centres to engage children in learning through play while gaining independence.

Our Approach

We adopt a holistic approach to your child’s development. This includes recognising that you, as a family, play a vital role in our school, as you want the best for your child, and we want the best for the children in our care, so we share a mutual goal. One of the cornerstones of Happy Kidz is mutual respect and understanding.


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Pre-School Classroom

Our teachers communicate with parents daily, to ensure we are working together on important milestones such as potty training and language development and also to ensure your child’s daily needs are met. We guide your child’s natural curiosity into meaningful learning experiences. Teachers utilise assessment tools to document daily observations, develop new opportunities and ensure the progression of development and learning.

The preschool classroom provides a structured and nurturing environment that provides children with structured group activities, individualised learning opportunities, play and numerous activities to encourage your child’s creativity. Preschool children engage in group circle time, purposeful play, meal times and an opportunity for rest time, if needed.

Having successfully completed this phase of your child’s preschool education, he/she should be ready to participate in either the Preschool Class or in a Grade R class in ‘big’ school.

Pre-School Classroom

Here is an overview of the activities for our Pre-School Classroom.

Writing and Language Arts

Dynamic assessments to guide lesson plans and activities.

Math and Manipulatives

Acquire the skills needed in Grade R

Gross motor development

Crawling and rolling. Taking on Step at a time.

Outdoor Play

Every child loves to play outside with their friends.

The curriculum and learning is centred on:
  • Circle Time and Large Group Activities
  • Small Group Activities
  • Creative/Process Art Actvities
  • Outdoor/Gross Motor Development
  • Block Play
  • Math and Manipulatives
  • Writing and Language Arts
  • Dramatic Play
  • Sensory Development
  • Music and Movement
  • Science and Technology

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School Hours: M-F: 06h30 – 17h30